Post-processor APT

Development Visual BASIC

Version 0.5.X Last release 2013/07/29

Installation (Version 0.5.X): WinPost005X.exe (2.33 Mo)

English manual (From a translation of the original file made by John A Kaprocki Thanks for your help) : WinPost.docx (1.3 Mo)

The program

This program convert the APT files produce by some CAM software into an ISO format for milling machine.

English Translation

You select in the Option Menu your language.

Treated APT Codes

Code list APT recognized by the application.

FEDRAT : definition speeds in advance. Example of code: FEDRAT/ 1000.0000, MMPM

CUTTER : definition of a geometry of tool. Example of code: CUTTER/ 20.000000, 4.000000, 6.000000, 4.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 50.000000
SPINDL : definition spindle speeds. Example of code: SPINDL/ 70.0000, RPM, CLW

following possibility: SPINDL/OFF

CUTCOM : Activation of the codes of correction of ray. Example of code: CUTCOM/OFF

TLAXIS : definition of the orientation of the axis tool. Example of code: TLAXIS/ 0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000

COOLNT : instructions of ordering of lubrication. Example of code: COOLNT/ON

LOADTL : loading of a tool. Example of code: LOADTL/3

TOOLNO : number definition of tool. Example of code: TOOLNO/1, 10.000000

TPRINT : Exit comment tool. Example of code: TPRINT/T1 Mills 2 Sizes D 10

GOTO : instructions of movement. Example of code: GOTO/95.36711, 59.09059, 27.12479

RAPID : displacement in rapid. Example of code: RAPID

Codes for the fixed cycles

CYCLE : definition of cycle fixed. Example of code: CYCLE
CYCLE/DRILL : Drilling, CYCLE/DRILL pointing, 30.4, 6451.6, MMPM, 2.54
CYCLE/TAP : CYCLE/TAP tapping, 30.4, 6451.6, MMPM, 2.54
CYCLE/REAM : Alesage CYCLE/REAM, 30.4, 6451.6, MMPM, 2.54
CYCLE/MILL : drilling by helicoid CYCLE/MILL, 30.4, 6451.6, MMPM, 2.54
CYCLE/BORE : CYCLE/BORE drilling, 30.4, 6451.6, MMPM, 2.54
CYCLE/FACE : surfacage CYCLE/FACE, 30.4, 6451.6, MMPM, 2.54, 100
CYCLE/BORE, DWELL : drilling with CYCLE/BORE temporization, DWELL, 30.4, 6451.6, MMPM, 2.54, 100
CYCLE/CSINK : Counter boring CYCLE/CSINK, 30.0, 30.0, 6451.6, MMPM, 2.54
CYCLE/DEEPCL : deep drilling CYCLE/DEEPCL, 30.4, 6451.6, MMPM, 2.54, INCR, 10.0, 10.0
CYCLE/DEEPBK : cycle breaks CYCLE/DEEPBK chips, 30.4, 6451.6, MMPM, 2.54, INCR, 10.0, 10.0
CYCLE/OFF : instructions of end of CYCLE/OFF cycle

PPRINT : definition of a comment to be added to the final code. Example of code: PPRINT USE 50.0" X 32.0" X 5.0" ALUMINUM
INSERT : Insert a special instruction set in the final code. Example of code: INSERT / G40G80
FROM : Definition of the start point

PPFUN : not available


List of commercial postprocessor suppliers:
CAM-POST(ICAM) ICAM Technologies Corporation- advanced NC post-processing, MCD based machine tool simulation.
CATIA PPB (Dassault_CENIT)CATIA V4 Post Processor Builder (PPB)
CodeWizard (PATHTRACE) 
ERA Post
Gpost (Intercim) Austin N.C., Inc. - Main Page
IMS Software, Inc. - NC Postprocessing Software NC Postprocessing Software - IMS Software, Inc.
POS-GEN (SpazioSystem)
PostWorks (NCCS) NCL-CAM et PostWorks
 NCsoft Postpro et simulation SGPOST et NCAXIS
Software Magic - CAD-CAM and Post Processoring solutions Software Magic - CAD/CAM and Post Processoring solutions
VegaPost NC Post Processor - VegaPost
AZPost Solution VMC4X et VCM5X Doc sur code APT traité en ligne (intéressant)

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