Milling machine 5 axis Simulation

Development in Visual BASIC

  Version 0.9.12

Setup (Version 0.9.12): Machine_simul0912.exe (4.36 Mb)

The program

This program allows the user to simulate G-code for 5 axis CNC machines of various configurations. This project is the next step of my earlier source code for a 6 axes Robot. I use STL 3d models for the machines parts , although the tools and tools holders are defined with Opengl implementation as glusphere , glucylinder, gludisk.,etc.. This feature allows to optimization of the 3d machine simulation. And more importantly it's globally easier for the tool settings. It is possible to load various machines configurations. I suggest you use the ' ' file include in the zip install package, this file contains some low level G-code as G00..G01..M06..M02..M30.. The goal is to provide a simulation program for multiple 5 axes machines to test G-code for collisions (which can be edited from the chart area).

In the next development I have a plane to convert this code into a user interface design to control my own made 5 axis machine.

The Richtextbox OCX library file (I don't like a lot to use OCX.,but..) is working enough for large files loadings and allows the user to get the 3d simulation synchronization , plus it shows the colored active (real time) line of G-code.

You can handle the machine visualized in the graphic zone, by positioning the cursor on the chart window and with the buttons of the mouse only:

  Button of left:  Displacement with the screen of the machine Button of right-hand side:  Zoom Before and Back
While pressing on the key SHIFT + buttons of the mouse:
  SHIFT+ Button of left:  Rotation according to X or Y SHIFT+ Button of right-hand side:  Rotation along axis Z


  Version 0.9
New release for the interface and a lot of new functions.
Release 0.7 Release 0.8 Release 0.9


Machine Zimmerman FZ30 (without the small modification of my store tool: -)

Machine DMG with plates DMU70

Machine MIKRON UCP 800

Machine HURON KX20


Software Video


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Rainnea Hardhat


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