Simulation robot 6 axes

Development Visual BASIC

  Version 0.2.0
Source file and executable (2123 KB)
Achievable and installation: Robot_simul020.exe (4180 KB)

The program

This program makes it possible to simulate the movements of robots with to the choice in this version a robot 6 axes anthropomorphe or 4 Scara axes. The management of the positions of the robot is done only with the Opengl functions via the function: glGetDoublev glgModelViewMatrix, MMatrix(1) which recovers the matrix of OpenGL transformation. The definition of the geometry of the robot is recovered in ASCII files STL. It is heavier certainly than to create the robot with Opengl functions, but I sought a more universal solution.

You can handle the robot by positioning the cursor on the chart window and with the buttons of the mouse only:

  Button of left:  Displacement of the robot Button of right-hand side:  Zoom forward and Back
While pressing on the key SHIFT + buttons of the mouse:
  SHIFT+ Button of left:  Rotation according to X or Y SHIFT+ Button of right-hand side:  Rotation along axis Z


  Version 0.1
Possibility of loading several types of robots. Thist via the function File Of loading robot . This function allows a previsualisation of the robots.

Attention the opposite resolution of the positions as well as the control of collision are not validated yet.

  Version 0.1.1
Addition of new robots (ABB) with management of the elements other than principal elements (jacks, strut...).
Model: IRB 140, IRB 2400, IRB 4400
The control of collision is not added yet and the loading of a part is at its beginnings.
  Version 0.1.2
Addition of a function to simulate a command file.
Only one function is valid moveJ which makes it possible to position the robot by giving him the values of the axes directly.
  Version 0.2.0
Addition of new codes of simulation for the language Robot. Addition of the simulation of a new type of Robot: Type 4 axes paletisor
to see Kuka Example

Functions valid in language of programation moveJ, moveA, moveV and pauses which makes it possible to position the robot by giving him the values of the axes directly.


Characteristics of the robot 6 Axes modelled

Characteristics of robot SCARA 4 AXES modelled

Information on language V+ (Adept and staubli)

English These on the principle of data-processing visualization in robotiquepour what relates to welding (2002) same in room Divers the infos interesting ones (existing software, orders etc.)

Characteristics of modelled the Staubli robot

Page of download of the files 3d for robots ABB

Page of download of the files 3d for the Kuka robots

Page of the software KUKASim Pro
download of the software KUKA Old release of the KukaSim Viewer 2.0 software

Run on the opposite resolution of the positions of the robot.

You can find this code on the site of (code 9333)


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