Tripod simulation Arm or Tricept

Development Visual BASIC

  Version 0.0.008
Source file and achievable: (546 KB)

Achievable and installation (Version 0.0.7): Tripode_simul007.exe (2578 KB)

The program

This program makes it possible to simulate an ISO CODE for tripod arm the project is based on the same code as the simulation of milling machine with some installations.
I took again the concept of the Tricept arm of smttricept. Not having seen functioning these machines this project is a small toy which enables me to imagine the movements of a machine of this type like its limits on the level of the accessibility of machining. For the machine I always pass  files by STL. On the other hand the tools and tool holders are defined with the OpenGL functions: glusphere, glucylindre, gludisk.....
You will also find in the Zip file a small program ISO ( with some codes BASIC. G00, G01 M06 M02 M30... the goal of this Program is not to have an interpreter of ISO code universal.
All these machines are often associated for piloting to the controller of Siemens 840D J' thus thought that the code used for piloting uses the notation of the vectors of orientation of this CN.
I thus use the notation A3 B3 C3 to direct the tool. It is it should be noted that if you use the archival file zip: you will see appearing rotations of head which were not present at the origin in this programming.
Perhaps would a progammation in angles RPY A2 B2 C2 solve this problem? If one somebody day of qualified and who this subject connait well, reads these lines I am interested by his opinion.

You can handle the Tripode arm by positioning the pointer on the chart window and with the buttons of the mouse only:

  Button of left:  Displacement with the screen of the machine Button of right-hand side:  Zoom Before and Back
While pressing on the key SHIFT + buttons of the mouse:
  SHIFT+ Button of left:  Rotation according to X or Y SHIFT+ Button of right-hand side:  Rotation along axis Z
For the control of collision I analyze the intersection of triangles and the method of the OBB (Oriented Bounded Box). The problem it is that this solution is extremement greedy in calculation if one wants to do it with all the machine. Thus for the moment I analyze just a collision between element 5 of the machine and the part charged always via a file STL (finely Charger). there is also the control between this element number 5 and 2 triangles which materializes the plan of the grid.


  Version 0.0.6
Birth of this new program on the Net.
  Version 0.0.7 & 0.08
Addition of a visualization in the form of Graph of the variation of the axes. Light modifications of the Calculposition function.


Tripod solutions of smttricept (note: isn't the bond valid any more disappearance of the company?

The arm tricept of ABB IRB940. Files STL of definition come from this site.


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