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You will find here the code list for the main sources present on this site.

Milling 5 axis

This program was done to simulate an ISO CODE for a milling machine 5 axis.

Last modification 23/01/2004. Version 0.7.0

Combat, the game

My new recreation.
A small game in VB6 + OpenGL

Last modification 19/09/2005. Version 0.0.5

Robot 6 axis

This program was done to simulate the movements of robots 6 and 4 axis.

Last modification 14/04/2004. Version 0.1.2

Tripod Machine (Tricept)

This program was done to simulate an ISO CODE for an 5 axis arm Tripode.

Last modification 04/03/2004. Version 0.0.7

Visual display DXF

This program was done to visualize 2D DXF files.

Last modification 20/10/2004. Version 0.0.6

Visual display HPGL

This program was done to visualize 2d HPGL files.

Last modification 12/07/2007. Version 0.0.2

Port series

Test serial port.

Last modification 20/05/2004. Version 0.0.2

Viewer STL

An example of visual display of STL file.


ASCII Viewer STL with OpenGl selection of the triangles.

Last modification 14/02/2005. Version 0.2.4 and Pick-STL 0.0.1

Writing IGES

Writing an IGES file.

Last modification 18/05/2004. Version 0.2.0

NC Visu

Shows the actual machining process, and how the material is removed from the initial rough part or raw stock.

Last modification 19/06/2005. Version 0.0.21


Post-processor APT to ISO.

Last modification 05/12/2006. Version 0.0.6

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